595 | To John Pownall

    Boston Mar 7 1768

    Dear Sir,

    I am now making up a Packet for your Board which will contain duplicates of two Letters to the Earl of Shellburne with its Enclosures.1 I have also an Original to the same noble Lord,2 whom I find myself obliged to continue to Address, tho I know of the Appointment of the Earl of Hillsbourough;3 as the Notices of such an Appointment has not Come to me in any Authentick Way, not even by a Paragraph in the Gazette.4 You will also receive some Newspaper Publications, which will Sufficiently explain the Occasion of a Quarrel which Otis has raised in the House and the Manner.5 I have not been able to avoid, as much as I have desired Speaking & publishing upon this Occasion: I think it will have a good Effect.

    I have not Time now to write to you as fully as I could wish: I can only say that it looks as if the Same Disorders which attended the Stampt-Act are coming on apace. People seem determined not to Submit to the Laws of Trade; They now declare against all Laws which impose Duties; The Molasses Act of which was formerly a Favour is as great an Object of Opposition as any.6 The Officers of the Trade are threatned, Mobbings Continu^a^lly expected, The Commissioners in the most precarious Situation not knowing how to order the Execution of the Laws or how to let it alone. I am just as defenceless as ever. &c &c. God grant that the Opinion which has prevailed at home that the Colonies would come to Rights of themselves may not prove a fatal Deception.

    I shall do my Duty in the best Manner I can, but expect a great Deal of Trouble untill Releif from Home can come

    I am &c

    J: Pownall Esqr:

    L, LbC     BP, 6: 99-100.

    In handwriting of Thomas Bernard. The original of this letter and a large packet of enclosures were sent by the New York packet.7 Enclosures (not found): copies of Appendix 1 and FB’s message to the House of Representatives, 22 Feb. 1768 (for which see JHRM, 44: 188); House of Representatives to the earl of Shelburne, 22 Feb. 1768 for which see ibid., 239-24. May also have enclosed the RC of No. 593, and the duplicates of Nos. 589 and 591 along with copies of their enclosures.