692 | To William Dalrymple

    Castle William Sep 30 1768


    As you have informed me this Day that you have received orders from Genl Gage,1 to land both the Regiments under your Command in the Town of Boston and that you intend to incamp some of the Regiments upon the Common and are desirous2 to put the other into Barracks; for which purpose you have requested of me the Use of the building called the manufactory house which is a building belonging to the Province and at present not leased or appropriated to any Person or Purpose. I am sorry that I am obliged to observe to you that I have for 12 Days past earnestly desired the Council to assist me in fitting up Barracks for such Troops as are ordered to be quartered in the Town of Boston, in order to avoid the many inconveniences which must arise from the troops being put into quarters in publick Houses and thereby intermixed with the people of the Town; but have constantly met with a Refusal.

    I am also obliged to observe, that at a Council held Yesterday in this Place, after you had informed me and the Council that you had orders to march one of the Regiments into the Town of Boston & that you should certainly obey such Orders; and you had added that if you had barracks assigned for their quarters, so that you could keep them in close quarters under the Officers Eye of their Officers, you would be answerable for the peace^a^ble and orderly Behaviour of the Men, but you could not answer for it if they were placed in open quarters soon to be intermixed with the people of the Town; I did thereupon move the Council to to3 reconsider a proposal I had before made without Success, to fit up the Manufactory House for barracks for one Regiment which it was supposed it would hold.4 And no material objection being made to fitting up that House as Barracks, except that the Council apprehended they had no Power to draw upon the Treasury for the Charge of fitting. I did propose to the Council that the Charge should be on the Credit of the King; nevertheless they did refuse to join with or assist me in fitting up such building for such Purpose.

    I find it no Purpose to make any further Attempt to prevail upon the Council to assist me in providing barracks for the Troops. Nevertheless as it is my Duty to preserve the Peace of the Town by all means in my Power, for which it is necessary to prevent an intermixture of the Soldiers and the People, as it must certainly give frequent occasions for the ^breaking the^ Peace, I do hereby assign & appoint the Manufactory house being a building appropriated to no use, & belonging to the Province; & I do authorise you to take possession of the same as & for a Barrack for the quartering the King’s Troops. In regard to the encamping the regiment I know of nothing wanting of me but to signify that I have no objection to it. As to the demand of Straw &c I shall lay it before the Council by the first Opportunity.

    I am &c

    Lt Col Dalrymple

    L, LbC     BP, 7: 207-209.

    In handwriting of clerk no. 9.