605 | From Lord Barrington

    Cavendish Square April 16. 1768.

    Dear Sir,

    I was yesterday favour’d by several Letters from you, and as the Packett sets out this Evening I have not time to answer any of them as I wish: I have indeed scarce been able to read them; for the same conveyance brought me some material publick Dispatches which require answers, and I have only a few hours to write them. I cannot however suffer this days Post to go, without carrying my acknowlegments of your kind Attention to me, and of the material information you send me.

    Three of your Letters dated the 28th. 26th of January and the 20th of Feb: are duplicates.1 One of them contains a very ingenious but in my poor opinion impracticable plan for representing the Colonies in Parliament.2 I acquainted you with my opinion on that Subject by last Packett.3 I then knew how such a proposal however right would be received on this side the Water, and the Act of Assembly dated feb 11th. shews how much it would be abhor’d on your side, at least in your Government, so we must put that Plan entirely out of the Question.4

    I see with Grief, but not with surprize, the open attempts towards independency making in New England & I conclude the other northern Colonies. A man must have been blind who did not foresee that consequence, from the repeal of the Stamp Act. Things are coming apace to crisis: My friend Lord Hillsborough will have his hands full, but for the sake of the publick I am glad America is in his hands. He has prudence firmness & temper: The times want them all.5

    I am persuaded you are in the right in your dispute with the Assembly; but that dispute makes it eligible for you, (tho’ not for this Country) that you should be removed to a better Government; especially as no steps are taking towards granting a fixt salary to the Governors of the Northern Colonies. I will watch every Circumstance that can make for your benefit, and your Letter dated 9th. february6 will ^has^ informed me of your wishes. I am with great truth & esteem & with my best Comps. to my Cousins

    Dear Sir Your Excellency’s Most faithful & obedient humble Servant



    In my hurry I had forgot to acknowlege your Letter of the 4th. March7 which is of the most serious importance. The contents will not be neglected by me & I will make the proper use of them without committing the writer so as to hurt him.

    ALS, RC     BP, 11: 167-170.

    Endorsed: Lord Barrington d Ap 16 1768 r June 15.