610 | From Lord Barrington

    Cav: Square May the 9th. 1768.

    Dear Sir,

    Lord Hillsborough told me the other day that he thought it very right you should receive an immediate mark of the King’s favour, and approbation of your Services, and ask’d me whether you would have any objection to being created a Baronet. I said that I never had observed any thing in you which made me conceive you were fond of Titles, and that it cost three or four hundred pounds to be a Baronet; but that I would enquire of you, & let him know your Inclinations. I beleive there is no Government in America which if vacant you might not have, with the greatest care; but at present there is nothing to be disposed of but the Lieutenant Government of Virginia. This I am authorised to offer you, with or without the Title of Baronet.1 Lord Hillsborough conceives it to be the same as a Government in point of Rank as the Governor never resides, and that in point of value it is better than what you have: In ease & comfort it is infinitely preferable. I do not find there is any prospect of paying the Governors of America out of the funds created last year, and which were then created only to give the late Chancellor of the Exchequer a little momentary eclat.2 I ask’d Lord H. who he would propose to be Your Successor: He said it would be a great distress to this Country, whenever you left the Massachusets, but that his Views went3 of Mr. Hutchinson the present Lieut. Governor; and this in the strictest confidence I was allow’d to tell you. In short my dear Sir, You have now the whole before you for consideration, and no man can determine better. My Lord H. has promised me to write you such a private Letter as will authorise you to come hither on leave, if you should chuse it. I am with my best Compliments to all my Cousins

    Your Excellency’s must faithful & most obedient Servant


    ALS, RC     BP, 11: 183-186.

    Endorsed: Lord Barrington May 9 1768 r Aug 20. Variant in BP, 11: 177-180 (dupALS, RC). FB replied on 27 Aug. with No. 666.