621 | From the American Board of Customs


    As soon as your Excellency signified to us by your Note to Mr. Hulton, that you met this Morning in Council, our Officers, who were attacked last Night by the Mob, were directed to prepare an Account thereof.

    We are now to acquaint your Excellency that Mr. Harrison the Collector1 & Mr. Hallowell the Comptroller2 have been so violently hurt, that the former is confined to his Bed, and the latter to his House; and on that Account your Excellency cannot be furnished with their Informations so soon as we could wish; but when they are prepared your Excellency shall receive the same by our Secretary.

    We are &c.

    Boston 11th. June 1768.

    John Robinson3

    Henry Hulton4

    J. Temple5

    Wm Burch6

    Chas. Paxton.7

    L, Copy     CO 5/766, ff 203-204.

    Entrybook title: No. 1. To Govr. Bernard. &c. &c. A copy of this letter was enclosed with No. 630.8