670 | Circular From the Earl of Hillsborough


    (No. 18.)


    Whitehall 2d. September 1768.


    The King having observed that the Governors of His colonies have, upon several occasions, taken upon them to communicate to their Councils and Assemblies, either the whole or parts of letters which they have received from His Majesty’s Principal Secretaries of State; I have it in command from His Majesty to signify to you that it is His Majesty’s pleasure, that you do not, upon any pretence whatever, communicate either to the Council or Assembly any copies or extracts of such letters as you shall receive from His Majesty’s Principal Secretaries of State; unless you have His Majesty’s particular directions for so doing. I am, Sir,

    your most Obedient Humble Servant


    dupLS, RC     BP, 11: 291-292.

    Endorsed by FB: Earl of Hillsborough dated 2 Septr. 1768 red. Jan. 4. 1769. Docket by Thomas Bernard: Orderg not to communicate ^to Council &c^ Extracts of Secy of States Letters. The RC (not found) was enclosed in No. 679.