662 | From John Pownall

    Secry States Office July. 30. 1768

    Dear Sir,

    The publick dispatch you will receive with this is so full in answer to your Letters by Hallowell1 and so explicit as to the measures to be taken that I have scarce Subject for 2 sentences.

    I dare say that former Letters from the Secry of State will have induced a beleif if what this will convince you, that what you and I have always thought serious is now considered so by Govt., that the officers of the Crown will be no longer left a sacrifice, and that there was no necessity for that despondency of which there is a strong colour in your Letter nor for that doubt so strongly expressed of not committing yourself in measures of vigour without the advice of your Council.2

    I who have long known your situation & can see your difficultys can make allowance for many things that to others might have the appearance of a want of Confidence in Govt, happily however such an impression is not general[.] Lord Hillsbroh enters fully into your embarressments, & has so explained your situation as to induce a reliance upon your firmness & resolution in the execution of whatever may be necessary to create entire Submission to the constitution——I need not say more to mark out to you the part which your own honour & my freinds Credit in the very full & entire confidence that is placed in you requires.

    I wish I had time to prattle to you a little about old freinds & connections, but that is impossible. I should have as much pleasure in it as an old Pensioner of Chelsea has in fighting over his Battles,— for to say the truth I am grown an old man— I wish I was a wise one; but that I never shall be thot I always shall be

    Your most faithfull & Afft humble Servant

    J Pownall

    ALS, RC     BP, 11: 249-252.

    Minor emendation not shown. Endorsed: Mr Sec Pownall July 30 1768. Docket: doubts of Gov B’s Spirit.3 Pownall enclosed a letter from Hillsborough (No. 661) intimating that an additional two regiments had been dispatched to Boston. FB replied to Pownall with No. 684.