683 | To the Earl of Hillsborough


    Boston Sept 18 1768

    My Lord

    I had just finished a Packet to your Lordship the last Letter of which I wrote Yesterday.1 In this I took the Liberty to address your Lordship with my most grateful Acknowledgements of my Sense of your Lordship’s kind Intentions towards me as signified by your ^my^ Lordships Letter Barrington.2 This Afternoon I received your Lordship’s Letter No 16,3 which contains Orders of so important a Nature that I must consider my Leave of Absence which I had obtained thro’ your Lordships Recommendation to be suspended until the Orders I have now received shall be so far executed as to restore Authority to this Government. This will probably prevent my returning before this Winter: for I shall fully consult the Exigencies of his Majesty’s Service In the Use I make of that Indulgence.

    I am also informed by your Lordship’s Letter of the Appointment of Lord Botetourt to be his Majesty’s Lieutenant & Governor General of Virginia.4 This I understand defeated the Expectation which had flattered me upon the Receipt of my Lord Barrington’s Letter of May 9, which I answered immediately after its Receipt. I must not conceal from your Lordship that this is a Disappointment to me; But I am so used to consider his Majesty’s Service as the first Concern that I shall chearfully submit to this Intervention, especially as I am so well assured of your Lordships kind Intentions towards me. And indeed my Lord what I have said in the former Letter of Yesterday is too true; I am so worn by the severe Service which I have gone thro’ for above 3 Years past; that I fear my Health & Spirits will not last thro much more of the like. And yet probably much more is to come before the Province is brought into Order. I will endeavour to execute his Majesty’s Commands in such a Manner as shall preserve the Credit I have gained with your Lordship & will inform you of the Success from Time to Time.

    I am &c

    The Right honble The Earl of Hillsborough

    L, LbC     BP, 7: 45-46.

    In handwriting of Thomas Bernard. FB sent the RC of this letter in place of No. 682.