606 | To Lord Barrington

    Boston Apr: 20 1768

    My Lord

    I take this Opportunity to inform your Lordship that we’ve lost our fo^u^rth Son Shute who died at Cambridge, where he was placed for his Studies, on the 5th instt: after 4 Days Illness in the 16 Year of his Age. I find that a Number of Children does not so much reconcile one to the Loss of one, as might be imagin’d. However I ought not to repine, when I have 9 hopeful Children left.

    Yesterday I received your Lordship’s Letter recommending Mr. Chaumier:1 Immediately after which I had an Opportunity of shewing my Desire of serving him by removing some difficulties in the Way of his obtaining an Indulgence from the Board of Customs, which I hope has been effectually done.

    Both the Mails of Janry & Febry are still due, tho the latter should have been in by this Time. I have no Advice in an Official Way of the Appointment of Lord Hillsborough: so I am now in an Interval between the closing my Correspondence with Ld Shellburne, & opening one with Ld Hillsborough.2 The Officers of the Crown & Friends of the British Government are now in a distressed State, hoping that, but not knowing how or when, they shall be relieved.

    In a former Letter I proposed that I should have a discretionary Leave to come home.3 Altho Things are very much alter’d since I wrote that Letter, yet it still becomes very advisable to the Government, & desirable to me, that I should have leave to come to England. I must run a Risk in it: But the Times are growing so bad, that I am not like to have any Choice in it. The good Inclinations of the Ministry towards me, I am satisfied will have no good Effect untill I can have an Interview with them. As soon as the Mail comes in, I will write more fully to your Lordship upon these Subjects; in the mean Time I could wish that the Purpose of obtaining a discretionary Leave for my coming home might be pursued.

    I am &c

    The Right honble Ld Visct: Barrington

    L, LbC     BP, 6: 106-107.

    In handwriting of Thomas Bernard.