637 | From Thomas Gage

    New York June 24th: 1768.


    Having some Dispatches of Consequence to transmit to Halifax, I take the Liberty to address them to your Care, and to request the Favor of you to get them forwarded from Boston by the first safe Conveyance for Halifax.

    It gives me concern to hear, that there has been some fresh Commotions in Boston. I have received a Letter from the Commissioners of the Customs to acquaint me, that the Collector, Comptroller, and other officers had been beat and abused in the Execution of their Duty, that they themselves were obliged to take shelter on board His Majesty’s Ship Romney,1 Captain Corner Commander; who at their Request put them on shore at Castle William, and remained near the Castle for their Protection.

    They inform me of Applications they had made, but had received no Assurances of Protection:2 and write to acquaint me of the very alarming State of Things at Boston: and leave it to my Judgement to act as I think proper for the honor of the Crown, and the Protection of its Servants.

    As I have received no Letter from you on this Subject or any Requisition made by you, for the Aid and Assistance of His Majesty’s Forces on this Occasion; I have not ordered any ^Troops^ to move into your Province. Nor do I think it proper to order any of His Majesty’s Forces to march for the sole purpose of quelling a Riot; unless required thereto, by the Civil Power. You must be the best Judge of the situation of Affairs in your Government, and whether the Aid of Troops is wanted to enforce the Laws, and ^to^ preserve Peace and Tranquility in the City. The moment you shall judge it convenient to apply to me for the Assistance of the King’s forces, I shall order such a number to march as you shall have occasion for.

    I have the honor to be with great Regard, Sir, your most obedient, humble Servant,

    Thos. Gage.

    ALS, RC     BP, 11: 205-206.

    Endorsed by FB: Genl Gage d June 24 r July 2 1768. Relating to the Sending The Troops to Boston. Variants: CO 5/757, ff 352-352 (L, Copy); Gage (L, AC); the second and third paragraphs are extracted in CO 5/86, ff 134-136 (L extract, Copy); the duplicate has not survived. FB replied to Gage with No. 641.