654 | To the Earl of Hillsborough

    No 11

    Boston July 16 1768

    My Lord

    By my Letter No 91 I informed your Lordship that at the time I dismissed the Assembly2 The Council was beginning to proceed upon a petition to his Majesty, which Proceeding was interrupted by the prorogation of the general Court; and that, to takeaway all pretence to charge me with intending to stop any representation which they wanted to make to the King, I gave them leave to proceed in this business in the Privy Council;3 and, if the petition was conceived in decent & respectful terms, I promised to submit the same to be laid before his Majesty, altho’ I should not entirely agree with them upon the subject matter.

    I have now the honor to transmit the petition enclosed to your Lordship & desire the favour that you would be pleased to lay the same before his Majesty for his most gracious consideration. I am not a party to it, nor could I think it proper that I should be: and therefore this Address is not quite regular in point of form.4 But your Lordship will consider the circumstances before mentioned, that It originated in the legislative Council altho’ it was not compleated there, and will receive it as an Act of that Body, to which the concurrence of the Governor is not necessary.

    Your Lordship will observe that I am desired to recommend the prayer of the Petition. I have been allways tender in expressing my disapprobation of Acts of parliament, & was especially so in a Case where I thought the Act had better have been spared. But I can readily recommend that part of the petition which prays releif against such Acts as are made for the purpose of drawing a Revenue from the Colonies. For they are so little able to bear the drawing money from them, that they are unable at present to pay the whole charges of their own support & protection.

    I am with great respect, My Lord, Your Lordships most obedient & most humble Servant

    Fra Bernard

    The right honble The Earl of Hillsborough.

    ALS, RC     CO 5/757, ff 316-317.

    Endorsed: Boston July 16: 1768. Govr. Bernard. (No. 11) 1st. part.5 R 26th August. A.34. Entd: Enclosed Appendix 11. Variants of letter: CO 5/767, ff 22-40 (L, RLbC); BP, 7: 2-7 (L, LbC); Letters to the Ministry (1st ed.), 42-43; Letters to the Ministry (repr.), 56-57. Copies of the letter together with the enclosures were laid before both houses of Parliament on 28 Nov. 1768. HLL: American Colonies Box 2. Hillsborough acknowledged receipt with No. 679.