604 | To Nathaniel Ropes

    Boston Ap 9 1768


    Your Letter came to me at a Time when I was very unfit for Business.1 However I communicated it and Col. Pickman’s2 Letter to one of the Comissioners; who has since been with me and told me that the superseding Mr Nutting3 is entirely a mistake which will be set right very soon. In the mean Time Mr Nutting need be under no Concern: for he has been so well recommended to the Board that there is much more probability of an Addition being made to his Former appointments than their being diminished. And I am authorised to tell^assure^ you that it will be proposed, when this Matter is redressed to make his Appointment more beneficial to him than it has hitherto been.

    I am Sr &c.

    The Honble N. Ropes Esq4

    This you will please to communicate to Col Pickman

    L, LbC     BP, 5: 258.

    In handwriting of Thomas Bernard. Minor emendations not shown.