647 | From John Pownall

    Secry of States Office. Whitehall

    July 9. 1768

    Dear Sir,

    As you will receive from me by this mail an official letter it would be unpardonable in me to suffer you to be informed of my publick situation without an assurance from me by private letter that no satisfaction that can attend it is greater than that which arises from a hope that it may afford me some opportunitys of testifying the zeal I have for your Interest and Service.

    I have been long useless to myself & to my freinds but being now released from disagreeable restraint and acting in a respectable character under the protection of the best freind I ever had,1 I cannot but cherish better hopes.

    I understand that there is a Vessell for Boston next week if any thing occurrs that may be usefull to you, you will hear by her from

    Your most faithfull & Obedt humble Servt

    J Pownall

    ALS, RC     BP, 11: 215-218.

    Endorsed by FB. [_]2 Mr Pownall d July 9 1768 r Sep 3. His Appt as Under Secry. Variants: CO 5/757, ff 96-97 (L, AC); CO 5/765, f 16 (L, LbC). Enclosures: No. 653 and No. 651; also enclosed an order-in-council of 29 Jun. and a letter from John Pownall, also dated 9 Jul., notifying FB of the disallowance of the provincial act to empower Abigail Conqueret of Lancaster, Worcester Co. (1767) (for which see CO 5/765, ff 16-18).