695 | To Thomas Gage

    Roxbury near Boston. Oct 1 1768


    I received your Letter of Sep 251 by Capt Montresor & that of Sep 26,2 by an express. I wrote to you a letter dated Sep 243 considering an Account of what had passed between me & the Council concerning providing quarters for the troops to that day. This Letter I sent by Majr Bayard who was to meet his Brother at Hertford who was to return to New York about the same time as the post.4 The pretences upon which the Council refused quarters to the troops at Boston you will find published ^by themselves^ in all the Newspapers.5

    On Wednesday last6 the Fleet from Halifax came in. I immediately met Col Dalrymple at the Castle, when I stated to him the difficulties We were under in regard to quarters. We agreed that I should call a Council at the Castle the next day, & admit to it the Colonel & Capt Smith commr of the Navy.7 We accordingly met the next day: the Council8 endeavoured to put the Col off with barracks at the Castle for both regiments. He told them he should certainly obey his Orders by carrying one of his regiments to Boston & pressed them to find them barracks instead of open quarters. I urged them again to assist me in fitting up the Manufactory; they pleaded that they had no money. I at last told them that it should be done at the Kings Expence: they still refused to concur in it. At last I told them that the Kings Commands should not be disappointed; and I would myself assign the barracks ^manufactory^ for the use of the troops.

    We were met the third day9 to consult what to do; when Capt Montresor brought your letters;10 when it was immediately resolved to land both regiments at Boston next day: and I gave the Col a power to take possession of the Manufactory. Accordingly both regiments were landed this ^day^ at Boston without opposition, or any great appearance of ill humour. As the Col will give you an exact Account of this, I have been Very short in it.

    We have still quarters to provide for the two regiments from Ireland which will occasion much difficulty, unless the breaking the charm in the present instance shall facilitate it. There will be wanting a few Companies for Salem & Newbury; but they cant be spared as yet. There is no talk of rising; tho’ 3 weeks ago the time was appointed & the Men enrolled to storm the Castle, but they are greatly lowered since that, the Country having failed them.

    I am with great regard Sr your most obedt humble Servant

    Fra. Bernard

    His Excellency Genl Gage.

    ALS, RC     Gage, vol. 81.

    Endorsed: Govr Bernard, Roxbury near Boston 1st: Oct 1768 Received 7th: Octr __ 1768. The second paragraph and the last three sentences of the final paragraph are extracted in CO 5/86, ff 205-206. Another variant in BP, 7: 203-204 (L, LbC).