713 | From the Earl of Hillsborough

    Hanover Square 19th. Novr. 1768



    I trouble your Excellency with a private letter to assure you of the concern I am under with regard to your disappointment of the Deputy-Government of Virginia which I had fully intended for you — but the State of that Colony is such that the King’s Servants thought it necessary to lose no time in sending out a Governor. If the King should approve of making you a Baronet, as it will be mere honour without profitt to you I will take care it shall not be attended with expence.

    Mr. Pownal & I have spent some days in considering with the utmost attention your correspondence, to the end that we might lay before Parliament a State of the Facts relative to your Government & of the Arguments which have given rise to the several measures directed from hence, by Extracts from your Letters, without exposing the whole of each Letter, but we find you have so interwoven Facts with your own observations & opinions that it is altogether impracticable to seperate them. Many of your Letters may I hope however be entirely kept back — & you may depend upon the the2 strenuous support, & entire approbation of both Houses. My Lord Barrington is of opinion you will be indifferent about your Letters, for he says you have nothing to manage with the Faction, nor now the Troops are arrived no^any^thing to fear. I shall however cautiously keep back every thing that I find I can. — A fortnight will enable me to acquaint you of the measures Parliament will take, it must give your Excellency pleasure to see us so firmly united in the resolution to support the Constitution & enforce obedience to the Laws — & if I am listened to the measure you think the most necessary3 will be adopted — I beg the favour of you to acquaint me of your Inclination with regard to yourself, & give me leave to assure you that as far as depends upon me you will find me eager to evince the Esteem & Respect with which

    I am Sir Your Excellency’s Most Faithfull & Most Obedient Servant


    ALS, RC     BP, 12: 17-20.

    Endorsed by FB: [Hanover Square] Earl of Hillsborough d Nov 19 1768 r Jan 25 1769. FB replied with No. 735.