755 | From the Earl of Hillsborough

    Whitehall 22nd. March 1769



    I have very great Satisfaction in making your Excellency my Compliments of Congratulation upon the honourable Mark of Favour which the King has been pleased to conferr upon you, by which His Majesty means to demonstrate to you, & to His Subjects of Massachusett’s Bay his gracious Approbation of your Services in your Government of that Province. His Majesty, is farther pleased to take upon himself the whole Expence of passing your Patent, which tho’ in itself no great matter, yet adds greatly to the Honour done you, as it is a favour which ^has^ seldom if ever been granted.1 I take no merit to myself from His Majesty’s Goodness to Your Excellency, as I have only done my Duty by laying your Conduct before His Majesty in it’s just & true light, and I have the pleasure to assure your Excellency that notwithstanding the foul Efforts of Malevolence & Misrepresentation, the King does Justice to your Merit; & has seen with satisfaction your repeated Endeavours to promote his Service, as well as that of the Colony you preside over.

    I have the honour to be with true Esteem Sir Your Excellencys Most Obedient and Most Humble Servant


    LS, RC     BP, 12: 69-72.

    Endorsed by FB: private Earl of Hillsborough d Mar 22 1769. r Apr 27. The RC of No. 755 was “brought by a Ship from London in 30 Days,” FB noted in his reply (No. 768).