739 | From Samuel Venner

    Boston 10th Feby 1769


    Some Letters having passed from your Excellency to the Commrs of the Customs concerning some Intelligence said to be given by me to Mr Sewall,1 Atty Genl of this Province. In Consequence of which a suspension from ^the Execution of^ my Office has been given to me by the Board who are not disposed to grant me a Copy of what has been so written by you, And as these Letters have been wrote to a Public Board, and made the Grounds of accusation against an Offr belonging to it, And as I cannot suppose that your Excellency would say Any thing that may have a tendency to accuse any Man which you would not wish to furnish him with that he may have an Opportunity of making his Defence in the best Manner that truth and justice would admit of, I am therefore to request that your Excy will favour me with Copies of such Letter or Letters as might have been wrote by you as Evidence against Me in this Matter either to the Board, or Members of the Board as it may be of some servicer for me to be possessed of them in Boston in Order to prepare my Justification to my superiors at home

    I have the Honor to be &c


    To his Excellency Govr Bernard

    N.B. An exact Copy of the above excepting the Address was sent to the Lt Gr2

    ALS, LbC: Mass. Archs., 25: 292-293.

    Endorsed: 10 Feb: 1769 Letter from Mr Venner to Govr Bernard & Chief Justice Hutchinson No. 1. The canceled text indicates the alterations, mutatis mutandis, for the variant. It is strange why FB should have a copy of Venner’s emended draft unless he assisted Venner with its preparation.