707 | From Lord Barrington

    Cavendish Square Novr. the 1t 1768.

    Dear Sir,

    I am to acknowlege your letter of the 27th. of August, the last received, and the only one unanswered.1

    I have before acquainted you of the necessity of sending a Governor to Virginia which has put an End to the Idea of your succeeding Mr. Fauquier. The unexpected and extraordinary behaviour of the Council and assembly of that Province, made it thought necessary to send a man of Quality thither in a more eminent station than has been usual for many years past.2 The News Papers &c have assigned other reasons for Lord Botetourt’s appointment; but without the least ground. He never had an Idea of going to America till it was proposed to him.3 I hope some other good thing will soon open for you, and the Title is ready whenever you are on the whole inclined to accept it.

    You mention in the Letter I am now answering, an intention of making use of the discretional leave sent you by Lord Hillsborough, tho’ not then received: When this leave was granted, the Province under your Government was tolerably quiet; but the Riots which have since happen’d, particularly the Rebellion in September last,4 and the expected arrival of the Troops who will stand in great need of your Excellency at their arrival and in their proceedings, will undoubtedly keep you at Boston till better times. I most sincerely feel for your difficulties and distresses there; But it is such a situation that shews Virtues & talents in their true light. I am with my best Compt. to all my Cousins

    Dear Sir Your Excellency’s most faithful & most obedient Servant


    ALS, RC     BP, 12: 5-8.

    Endorsed: Lord Barrington dat Nov 1 & Nov 9 1768 r Jan 25 1769. Variant in BL: Add 73634, f 63 (ALS, LbC).