743 | From John Pownall

    London-Febry. 19. 1769.

    Dear Sir,

    It has long been my firm & unalterable opinion upon the fullest consideration of what has passed in America that all our measures should be directed to these objects.

    1. to vindicate the authority of the supreme Legislature by inflicting due punishment upon those who have been the authors & promoters of those unwarrantable Resolutns. and proceedings by which it has been violated and obstructed.

    2. to adopt such measures of regulation & reform as would be most likely to prevent the same things happening again.

    3d. to seek out the ground upon which GB and her colonies may meet in a constitutional reconciliation.

    How far what has been done does accord with these sentiments I leave to yourself to determine — I sincerely wish it may produce good, or rather that it may do no harm.

    It is however a satisfaction to me to tell you that there is now a probability that matters will not rest where the present resolutions of Parliament have left them,1 — the late advices from yourself and from other Governors2 have induced propositions now under Consideration that do very much square with the Objects I have stated on the other side of the paper, and in the forming of which the copy of a Letter inclosed in yours to me of the 24 of Decr.3 has had a very considerable weight and Share so far as regards your Government.

    1. 1. disqualification of persons referr’d to in that letter.
    2. 2. Reform in respect to Council.
    3. 3. Resolutions denying Rights of Parliamt. forfeiture of Charter.
    4. 4. Troops &c to be in part withdrawn.
    5. 5. Govr. to be created a Baronet at publick expense and have leave to come home with allowances equal to Govr. till otherways provided for. g. confirmn. of Mt. Desart.4
    6. 6. removal of Councillors in NY who advised agt. dissolution
    7. 7. punishmt and disqualificatn of persons who move, put, or record resolutions denying Right.
    8. 8. Act of 7. of Geo. 3d.5 repealed as to those Colonies when provision has been made for support of Govt. upon a permanent & constitution^al^ plan continuing with respect to the others, untill they have done the same
    9. 9. Mutiny Act6 to be altered & continue no longer than untill Colonies have made proper provision by Laws of their own.7

    If things were as they ought to be here all might yet be well, that this disagreable business may end to your personal honour happiness and advantage is the sincere wish & will ever be the zealous endeavour of

    Your most faithfull & Afft.

    J. Pownall

    RC, ALS     BP, 12: 53-56.

    Minor emendations not shown. Endorsed by FB: Sec Pownall d feb 19 1769 r Ap 20.