764 | To Richard Jackson

    Boston April 12 1769

    Dear Sir.

    Since the coming of the Brig Last Attempt Captn Lyde1 there has been much talk of some Letters sent by her having miscarried; four I have particularly heard of sent by Mr Hallowell to different Persons. What Truth there is in this I know not; I have talked with the Captain & he is very positive he has no Letters for me. However I think proper to mention it to you least there should be some Mistake. It is a long while ago since I heard from Mrs Beresford that I am uneasy about her.2

    This Brig brought Copies of several of my Letters to the Secretary of State & one of Genl Gages.3 They were sent by Mr Bollan to some of the Councillors with a Promise of sending the others as soon as they can be copied.4 I am amazed at the ill Policy of this Proceeding [,] the permitting Confidential Letters wrote to the Secretary of State to be returned in Authentic Copies to the Province from whence they were sent & there to be published & dispersed among the People, as they are now to be, must not only be of a great Detriment to his Majesty’s Service for the present, but must effectually prevent all confidential Writing to Ministers of State for the future. I am not much concerned for myself, being not at all sorry at the Determination of my Relation to this Government; as I think I must have a Compensation. When these Papers are published I will write ^to^ you again.5

    I am Dr Sr &c.

    R Jackson Esqr:

    L, LbC     BP, 7: 279-280.

    In handwriting of clerk no. 9.