793 | To Thomas Gage

    Boston July 5 1769


    As Col Gubbat1 is going immediately to New York I think it proper to inform you that upon my sending the Secretary Yesterday to the Speaker for a Copy of the Resolves printed in the last Monday’s Paper, He told him that Publication was not authentick; for some of the Resolves which were printed, had not passed the House, & others which had passed the House were not printed. But the Clerk of the House Mr Adams averrs that what is printed is extracted from the Minutes of the House in his Custody. However the House has appointed the Day to consider the whole, & may & probably will make Alterations; tho they will come very awkwardly after this Publication.

    I find that Genl MacKay & Commodore Hood have alterd their Minds concerning the Necessity of suspending Embarkation of the 64th Regt: As ^I must therefore beg leave to change mine.^2 I am the more induced to this, as I have taken the Opinion of the Lieut Governor, who thinks that as there is no Appearance of an Intention make a forceable Resistance at present there is no Occasion for detaining the 64th Regiment. But he continues fully persuaded that the two other Regiments may be kept here one of which at least must remain in the Town.

    I expect to embark for England in about 3 Weeks time, & desire that if your Excellency has any particular Services that I can do for you there, you will favour me with them, & you may depend upon an exact Observance of your Commands.

    I am &c.

    Genl Gage

    P. S. I shall send you an Account of what the House determines upon these resolves as soon as I can.3

    L, LbC     BP, 7: 232-233.

    In handwriting of Thomas Bernard. Gage replied on 19 Jul. to wish FB a safe journey and to confirm that it was now appropriate to commence the relocation of the 64th Regiment to Halifax which began on 11 Jul. and was completed by 25 Jul.; the 65th had already left for Halifax, on 24 Jun. The 14th and 29th Regiments of Foot remained at Boston and Castle William.4