794 | To Lord Barrington

    Boston July 8 1769

    My Lord

    I had but just time in my last Packet to acknowledge the Receipt of your Lordship’s Letter of March 21-April 1.1 Since this no Ship has sailed from hence to London; & I have been fully employed as your Lordship will see by the inclosed papers.

    If there has been a Difference of Opinion in the Administration about American Measures, as we learn by wofull Experience there has,2 It can not continue a Year longer; for the Americans will make them open their Eyes in Spight of their Teeth, & tell them in Words of Scripture “you are careful about many Things but one Thing is needful.”3 There is but one Way now of dealing with America: Lenitives have brought the Disease to its present Height & will if continued make it incurable.

    A Member of Parliament (a friend of your Lordships & a protestee against the late inactive Proceedings) writes to his friends here, that he does not see that any thing will rouse the Government, but the Americans attacking the Navigation Act. If that is wanting it will not be so long: for I can assure you the Navigation Act is a principal Object with them. Some Months ago one of the Cheifs of the Faction here said in a Company consisting cheifly of his own Party, that things would never be properly settled in America till the Parliament had repealed all the Acts affecting the American Trade from the 15th of Charles 2 to the present time. This I took down from a Gentleman who heard it spoke; & you may tell it to Mr Stanley as a Fact.4

    Your Lordship will judge of the temper & disposition of the Faction & its Creatures who are no less than the whole Council & the whole House (excepting some few Members of the latter who never come near it) from the Papers I send you with this, which are a Continuation of the Papers published by the House.5 I have no time to animadvert upon these; but must observe that upon the Publication of the Resolves on July 3, The Speaker denied that those Resolves had all passed the House; The Clerk of the House insisted that they had passed the House; & that it was a true Copy. However the House has again taken them into ^Re-^Consideration, & has, as I understand, qualified the second, in this Edition, so that it shall refer to Acts of Taxation only, whereas at present it extends to ^all^ Acts of Taxation whatsoever. But this is only procrastinating: for both their Arguments and their Intentions lead equally to all Acts of Parliament.

    Your Lordship judges right of the Efficacy of the Additional Clauses in the Mutiny Act: they will have no Effect in this Country. I am assured for certain, that the House will make no Provision for the Expence of hiring Barracks here, nor for the Parliamentary Provisions in such Barracks; neither will they provide any Funds for making any further Provisions for the Troops in the Provincial Barracks at Castle Island. I expect to be able to inclose in the Cover of this an Account of a positive Refusal of this Demand: So that you must not depend upon the Mutiny Act for quartering Soldiers in this Country. The inclosed Papers will show you what you have to expect: but that is of another Kind than Obedience to Acts of Parliament. __ I expect to have an Opportunity of adding another short Letter to this; so will conclude this with assuring you that I am with a most perfect Respect

    My Lord &c __

    The Rt Honble The L Visct Barrington

    L. LbC BP, 8: 1-3.

    In handwriting of Thomas Bernard. Enclosure not found.