788 | To Thomas Hutchinson

    Jamaica farm June 19 1769


    I have been desirous of acting in Concert with you with in the Business of this Session but since it cannot be done I must do as well as I can. I was endeavouring that a Union of Sentiments & Coalition of Interests between us two should appear at this time, as I think it necessary to his Majesty’s Service that there should not only be but appear to be a perfect good Understanding between us in our Ideas of the Exigences of this Government: if the contrary should hereafter be made apparent by your Disavowal of the Measures which I have thought fit to pursue, it must weaken your Administration as well as reflect upon mine. I was therefore willing to consult you in every Step I took in this Session.

    As to the Salary Act I have hitherto understood that you quite agreed with me in Opinion that it was proper to insist upon its being passed in Conformity to the Instructions. I have wrote so to My Lord Hillsborough:1 I must now let him know that you have changed your Opinion; & therefore I must change my Intention: I had your Intrest full as much ^well^ as my own in the proposing this Method but the Service of the King more than either. And if you think that a Contrast of your Administration with mine will be for the best, I shall sincerely wish you Success in it.2

    I shall write to you by the Portsmouth Carrier if there shall ^be^ any thing occur to require it: if you receive no Letter from me you must conclude there is no Occasion for one. I wish you a good Journey3 & shall be glad to see you at the earliest day of your Return.

    I am Sr &c.

    The honble Lt. Govr.

    L, LbC     BP, 7: 228-229.

    In handwriting of Thomas Bernard.