780 | To John Pownall

    Boston June 1 1769

    Dear Sir

    There being a Snow ready to sail for Glascow, I take the Opportunity of sending you the printed Account of the Election & other Proceedings on yesterday & today: from which you will perceive that every thing goes as bad as could be expected. The Boston Faction has taken Possession of the two houses in such a Manner that there are not 10 Men in both who dare contradict them. They have turned out of the Council 4 Gentlemen of the very first Reputation in the Country & the only Men remaining of Disposition & Ability to serve the Kings Cause.1 I have negatived 11among which are 2 old Councellors Brattle & Bowdoin, the Managers of all the late Opposition in the Council to the Kings Government.2 There is not now one Man in the Council who has either Spirit or Power to oppose the Faction; & the Friends of Government are so thin in the House, that they won’t attempt to make any Opposition: so that Otis Adams &c are now in full Possession ^of this Government^ & will treat it accordingly. This is no more than was expected; I will write more particularly in a few days.3

    I am Sr Your &c

    John Pownall Esqr

    L, LbC     BP, 7: 295-296.

    In handwriting of Thomas Bernard. Enclosed a printed copy of the proceedings of the House of Representatives of 31 May and 1 Jun. 1769 (not found), probably extracted from the Boston Chronicle, 25 May-1 Jun. 1769.