759 | To the Earl of Hillsborough

    No 6

    Boston Mar 27 1769

    My Lord

    In the Boston Gazette appears a Paper so malevolent to Great Britain & so shocking to a British Ear, that I have thought proper to send it to your Lordship together ^with^ the Providence Gazette from which it is pretended to be taken. But notwithstanding it was first printed at Providence, (a common trick with the writers here) It is undoubted that it originated here: this appears not only from the subject Matter which is applicable to no other Town but this, but also from the stile which to discerning readers evidently points out the Author. I suppose that it was designed for ^the^ liberty Tree at Boston; but their hearts failing them. It was sent to Providence in order to to [be] reechoed here. The Boston Gazette which I send is that which was sent by the printers to the Council chamber for my use; the Providence Gazette is one which was sent by the printer ^to a printer^ here from who I had it.1

    I am with great regard My Lord, your Lordships most obedient & most humble Servant

    Fra Bernard

    The right honble The Earl of Hillsborough

    ALS, RC     CO 5/758, f 76.

    Endorsed: Boston March 27. 1769. Govr. Bernard. (No. 6) R 15th: May. Enclosed copies of the Boston Gazette, 27 Mar. 1769 and the Providence Gazette, 18 Mar. 1769. CO 5/758, ff 78-81. Variants of letter in: CO 5/893, f 118 (dupLS, RC); CO 5/767, f 236 (L, RLbC); BP, 7: 155-156 (dupL, LbC).