774 | To Thomas Gage

    Boston May 15 1769


    I hereby transmit to you a Copy of an Address to me signed by 10 Gentlemen of the Council, which was sent to me at my Country house early Yesterday morning in a Cover with a Letter signed by Mr Bowdoin & Mr Pitts signifying that they were desired to present this Address to me, & that I not being in Town, they begged Leave to inclose it to me that I might have it as soon as may be, upon Account of my Writing to you by the Post.

    As this Business has been transacted at a Business1 appointed by themselves without my Privity or Presence, I am quite unacquainted with the Motives of this Application: I know not upon what Grounds they found their Apprehensions of great Inconveniences arising from Troops being in the Town upon the Day of General Election; nor how their remaining in the Town will have any Tendency to interrupt a quiet & peaceable Election or why the removing of them is like to make the Election more free & uninterrupted than it would be otherwise. As the Gentlemen have thought proper to keep me in Ignorance in regard to these particulars, I can only transmit their Request to your Excellency & leave it to you to act therein as you shall think proper.

    I am &c.

    Genl Gage

    L, LbC     BP, 7: 233.

    In handwriting of Thomas Bernard. Variants: CO 5/87, ff 115-116 (L, Copy); CO 5/893, f 134 (L, Copy); CO 5/758, f 126 (L, Copy); CO 5/767, ff 326-328 (L, LbC). Enclosed a copy of the address of the Massachusetts Council to FB, 14 May 1769 (not found, but for which see CO 5/758, f 125).