710 | To the American Board of Customs

    Jamaica plain. Nov. 12. 1768


    I have not neglected the business I have undertaken, & I desired Mr Robinson to inform you of what had passed therein. I met Mr Sewal with the Lieut. Governor on Wednesday next last1 & had a Conference with him on your Subject: after which the Lt Governor undertook to write to you or one of you concerning what had passed;2 I therefore saw no occasion to write to you myself. I went to Town Yesterday to see Mr Sewal, but found he had left the Court very ill, & was gone home: I could not pursue him to his Bedchamber. If he recovers himself, I shall see him next Monday.3 When you come to Town, I shall report to you what I have done in this business. But I cannot sit down to write a detail of matters which are more proper for a conversation. All the time I have for writing is insufficient for the Kings ^immediate^ business; & tho no Governor writes more than I do, I am still in great arrears to the Secretary of State. I therefore cannot undertake to be punctual in writing letters which may be spared without an injury to business.

    I am with &c.

    The Honble the Commrs. of the Customs.

    L, LbC     BP, 7: 214-215.

    In handwriting of clerk no. 3.