798 | To Thomas Hutchinson

    Boston July 29th 1769


    As I am going to leave the Province I think it proper to inform you that after the Death of the late King, the Council advised me to appoint Mr John Cotton & Mr William Cooper to be joint Registrars of the Court of Probates in the County of Suffolk they being then in the same Office: but that upon some Doubts of the form of such Appointment it was deferred for some time.1 In this Interval I discovered ^that^ Mr Cooper was so unfit to bear any Commission under the King, that I determined not to compleat this Appointment in Regard to him: but having no Objection to the Nomination of Mr Cotton, I should have made out a Commission to him, if I had not doubted of the Propriety of separating Persons named by a Joint Vote of Approbation: but I intended to have settled this Matter with the Council by the first Opportunity. In the mean Time the Faction which has harrast this Country by setting them in Opposition to the King and Parliament (in which Faction Mr Cooper was known to bear a principal Part) had gained so much Ground and created a general Intimidation amongst good Men who desired to be quiet, that I could not find a proper Opportunity to propose this Matter to the Council. I therefore left the Office to be executed under the former Commission, which appointment must be understood to continue while it was acquiesced in by the Judge. But being now leaving the Province I think it necessary to inform your Honour that there is no Commission of the Office of Registrar of the Court of Probates for the County of Suffolk granted by me since the Death of the late King; and therefore the Place, as I understand, is still vacant and remains to be filled up; and I must add that Mr William Cooper is (in my Opinion) a most unfit Man to serve the King in any Office whatsoever.

    I am with great Regard Sr Your most obedient humble Servant,

    Fra Bernard

    The Honorable Lieut Govr Huchinson

    LS, RC     Mass. Archs., 25: 321-322.

    In handwriting of Thomas Bernard. This was probably the last letter FB wrote in America, before boarding HMS Rippon on 1 Aug.