757 | From the Earl of Hillsborough

    Whitehall, March 24.th 1769.

    (No. 26.)



    His Majesty having thought fit, upon a consideration of the present state of affairs in the Province of Massachuset’s Bay, that you should return to this Kingdom, in order to make a full Report thereof to His Majesty, I herewith inclose to you the King’s Royal Licence for that purpose;1 and have the satisfaction at the same time to acquaint you,2 that His Majesty has been pleased to direct a Patent to be passed for conferring upon you the Dignity of a Baronet, as a Testimony of His Majesty’s Royal Favour and gracious Approbation of your Services.

    As it is necessary, that His Majesty’s Lieutenant Governor,3 upon whom the Government will devolve, should be fully informed of the actual State of the public Affairs of the Province, and of such Orders as have any Reference to future Measures, you will not fail to communicate all such to him, and to give your advice and opinion, with regard to such steps as it shall appear expedient to pursue in your absence,4 for supporting the Dignity of Government and inducing such a Conduct on the part of all His Majesty’s Subjects under your Government, as may testify their Affection to the Parent-Kingdom, and a due submission to it’s Laws.5

    In my Letter6 of the 30th. of July last7 I signified to you the King’s Commands, that the next General Court should be summoned to meet either at Salem or Cambridge, as you should think most convenient;8 but, as the circumstances, which occasioned that Resolution, have been since considerably changed, it is His Majesty’s Pleasure that you (or the Lieut. Governor in case you leave the Province before the Meeting of the General Court) should use your discretion in this matter, according to the situation of affairs, and that the General Court should be assembled at either of those places or at Boston, as shall be judged most adviseable. I am, Sir,

    Your Most Humble and Obedient Servant


    Sir Francis Bernard Bart.

    P.S. You will observe that the Command I have signified, at the beginning of this Letter, does not direct that you should not hold the next General Court, if you should think it for His Majesty’s Service that you should.


    dupLS, RC     BP, 12: 77-80.

    Endorsed by FB: No 26 Earl of Hillsborough d Mar 24 1769 r June 10 Inclosg Leave of Absence The Dupl. recd Ap. 29. The endorsement provides the dates of receipt for both the original (10 Jun.), which has not been found, and the duplicate (29 Apr.), to which FB replied with No. 767. Annotations probably added by FB are noted. Enclosed a royal instruction for FB’s recall signed by Hillsborough and dated Court at St. James’s, 23 Mar. 1769, BP, 12: 73-76. There is a variant of the letter in CO 5/765, ff 64-66 (L, LbC).