767 | To the Earl of Hillsborough

    No 8

    Boston Ap 29 1769

    My Lord

    I am honoured with your Lordship’s Letter No 26,1 which arrived 3 days ago in 30 days from London. I have the highest sense of his Majesty’s favour in conferring on me the Dignity of a Baronet: I beg that your Lordship would be pleased to make my most humble duty acceptable to his Majesty and to assure him of the entire dedication of myself to his Service.

    I was so fully persuaded that it would be expected of me that I should open the new Assembly & continue to the end of the Session, that I have ^made^ no preparation for my Voyage, & could not get away before the Assembly meets; & when I have once opened it, it will be best that I should go through the whole business. I therefore do not expect to be able to embark till towards the end of July.

    As I have generally acted in concert with the Lieut Governor, acquainted him with the Motives of my conduct, & frequently advised with him in matters wherein I had doubts, He well understands my System. However, I shall still give him my Opinion in regard to those matters which I think ought to be uniformly pursued in my absence.

    As your Lordships Letter arrived 3 days before the issuing the Writts, & I was thereby at liberty to call the Assembly at what place I pleased, I took the matter into full consideration with the best advice I could get: and the general Opinion was that I had best make the returns at Boston. The Reason on both sides were so weighty as to make it a Matter of doubt. What turned me in favor of Boston cheifly was, that as ^I knew that^ it was intended to promote ill humour at the opening the new Assembly, I was desirous of not giving any Cause for it myself; and therefore thought is best to steer the business in the old Channel. It is Very probable that the Boston party may abuse this indulgence: if they do, they will be answerable for it. If the next Session is to be a Term probation, let them have all possible fair play.

    I have the honour to be with great respect, My Lord, your Lordships most obedient & most humble Servant,

    Fra Bernard

    The right honble the Earl of Hillsborough

    ALS, RC     CO 5/758, ff 114-115.

    Endorsed: Boston 29th April 1769. Govr. Bernard (No. 8) R 23d June By Capt Bryan2 of The Wolf B. 26. Enclosures not found. Variants: CO 5/893, ff 126-127 (dupLS, RC); CO 5/767, ff 315-317 (L, RLbC); BP, 7: 160-161 (L, LbC). The letter and enclosures were considered by the Board of Trade on 1 Dec. 1769. JBT, 13: 125.