791 | To Thomas Gage


    Boston June 26th: 1769.


    I wrote to you by Colonel Robertson who set out for New York on Thursday last. I have now the favor of your Letter of June 18th:1 The Reason why I have declined giving an Answer as Governor of the Province to the question of continuing or removing the remaining Troops arises from a Clause in the Order of Council, for the Command of the Troops quartered in the several Governments whereby the Governor’s are directed to take the Advice of their Council’s in the moving of Troops. And tho’ the Constitution of the Council here and their known disposition make them very unfit Advisers in such a question, yet I still remain under an Obligation to consult the Council according to the strict Letter of that Order.

    However as you ask my Advice seperately from that of the Council, and in confidence that it shall not be made known on this Side of the Atlantic, I have no hesitation to declare my Opinion, that it will be detrimental to His Majesty’s Service to remove any part of the Two Regiments remaining here, and that it would be quite ruinous to the cause of the Crown to draw all the Troops out of the Town of Boston. On the other hand, I am inclined to think that Two Regiments, One in the Town, and the other at the Castle Island may be sufficient. For tho’ the latter will be of no use in quelling a Sudden disorder in the Town, yet it will serve to keep them in Awe, and will afford an actual relief, when there is time for Notice. I have long ago wondered why Boston has not been thought as proper a Town to quarter Two Regiments in, as New York Philadelphia &ca, and have often thought that it would be best to make the Stationing of them here merely of Business of cantonment, without making a Question whether they were or were not wanted for the support of Government.

    I have the honor to be with great Regard Sir, &ca

    /Signed Fra Bernard,

    His Excellency General Gage

    L, Copy     CO 5/87, ff 132-134

    There is a variant in BP, 7: 230-231 (L, LbC). Gage’s clerk copied the RC of No. 791 for dispatch as an enclosure under cover of Gage’s letter to Hillsborough of 22 Jul. 1769, at CO 5/87, ff 124-128.