756 | To Thomas Gage

    Boston March 23 1769


    I am favoured with your Letter of March 13, & am much obliged to you for your Readiness in assisting our Scheme for making the Observation on Lake Superior. I had prepared for opening a Subscription here, which would easily have raised Money enough for extraordinary Expences. But all our Plans have been defeated by the Irresolution of the principal Undertaker who has been list’ning unto Stories concerning the Dangers of the Voyage; & whilst we have been concerting means to make it practicable, has been intimidating himself against the Pursuit of it: So that upon the Receipt of your Letter I found nothing had been done in providing Instruments & learning the practical Use of them. I have therefore been obliged to give it over, & have only to return you thanks for your kind Entertainment of our Scheme, & to lament the Defeat of it.

    I am &c

    Genl Gage

    L, LbC     BP, 7: 221.