785 | To Thomas Gage


    Boston June 12th: 1769.


    I have recieved your Letter of the 5th: Instant,1 and have had a Letter from Major General Mackay2 wherein he signifys your desire that he would ask my Opinion in Writing whether His Majesty’s Service requires Troops to remain here, and what Number. You know the Difficulties I lye under in regard to my Connexion with the Council, and you must be sensible that this is a question of great importance to his Majesty’s Service. I must therefore take time to consider of it and to know the Opinion of a Number of Gentlemen who will be affected by the determination of this question, who have already expressed a great alarm at hearing that it is proposed. In the mean time I must recommend that the removal of the two remaining Regiments may be suspended, till this measure can be fully considered.

    I am, with great Regard, Sir, &ca.

    (Signed) Fra Bernard.

    His Excellency Major General Gage.

    L, Copy     CO 5/87, ff 128-130.

    This copy of the RC was made by Gage’s clerk and enclosed in the general’s letter to the earl of Hillsborough, New York, 22 Jul. 1769, CO 5/87, ff 124-128. There is a copy in BP, 7: 226 (LbC, Copy).