748 | To the Earl of Hillsborough


    No. 5

    Boston Feb: 25 1769

    My Lord

    In packing up the Boston Gazette, which I promised your Lordship by my Letter No 3,1 I have thought proper to add a Series of Evening Posts published here by J and T Fleet,2 for the Sake of a periodical Paper published in it and continued. It was first published at New York where it is continued. It has been also, as I understand, regularily3 sent to London and published there. It is composed by Adams and his Assistants, among whom there must be some, one at least, of the Council; as every thing that is done or said in Council which can be made use of is constantly perverted misrepresented and falsified in this Paper.4 But if the Devil himself was of the Party, as he virtually is, there could not have been got together a greater Collection of impudent virulent and seditious Lies Perversions of Truth and Misrepresentations than are to be found in this Publication. Some are entirely invented and are first heard of from the printed Papers; others are founded on Fact but so perverted as to be the direct contrary of the Truth; other Part of the abuse consists of Reflections of the Writer which pretend to no other Authority but his own Word. To set about answering these Falsities would be a Work like that of cleansing Augeas’s Stable, which is to be done only by bringing in a Stream strong enough to sweep away the Dirt and the Collectors of it alltogether.5

    The Intention of this Journal appears as well from the Composition itself as from the Manner of publishing it at three different Presses at once, to raise a general Clamour against his Majesty’s Government in England and throughout America, as well as in Massachusets Bay. And from thence they still flatter themselves that they shall get the Navy and Army removed and again have the Government and the Custom house and the Laws in their own hands. Altho’ it is needless to observe upon such an heap of Falsehood, yet I will make a faithful Report of my own Opinion of the Behaviour of the Troops in general, in Contrast of the Accounts of them in this Paper. I dont beleive there ever was an Instance of so large a Body of Troops (3 Regiments) quartered in a Town so licentious as this is, behaving so orderly decently and quietly as these have done. On the other hand all Kinds of means have been used to provoke them to Violence, Not only small Parties and Centinels have been insulted, but the Main Guard upon their releiving or other parading have been surrounded by Numbers of People and abused with the most gross and scurrilous Language; all which has been taken with a Patience which affords a very exemplary Proof of the Care of the commanding Officers and the orderly Obedience of the Men. Meanwhile some of the Justices have been continually harassing the Officers as well as the Men with Warrants upon every trivial Occasion and preferring Indictments against them at the Quarter Sessions. All which has been born with uncommon Patience and entire Submission to the Law. So they seem to have given up their Attempts to make a Disturbance & all Things are now quiet. This being the Truth how wicked and abandoned must be the Author of the Journal? The Vindication of the Troops from these scandalous and false Imputations has been the cheif Occasion of my troubling your Lordship with this Letter.

    I am with great Respect, My Lord, Your Lordships most obedient & most humble Servant

    Fra Bernard

    The Right Honorable The Earl of Hillsborough

    dupLS, RC     CO 5/758, ff 72-73.

    Endorsed: Boston 25th. Feby. 1769. Governor Bernard (No. 5). R 15th. May. Origl. R 17 April mislaid. B. 18. Enld. Enclosures: a supplement, dated 28 Feb. 1768, CO 5/758, f 74;6 copies of newspapers (not found), including the Boston Evening-Post from c.19 Dec. 1768 to Feb. 1769,7 and the Boston Gazette. Variants of letter in CO 5/767, ff 232-235 (L, RLbC) and BP, 7: 148-150 (L, LbC).