787 | To Thomas Gage

    Boston June 19 1769


    Upon a full Consideration of the Question you have directed Genl Mackay to put to me, whether His Majesty’s Service does require that Troops should remain at Boston & what Number, whether one or two Regiments, I am of Opinion that as the Troops were sent here by the immediate Order of the King, & I have received no Orders from the Secretary of State concerning their further Disposition, it is not my Business to interupt a Question about their Removal. And I am the more confirmed in this, as I don’t see that there is any Abatement of that Spirit which occasioned the sending the Troops hither, altho it has been controlled by their Presence. I therefore do not think it proper to put this Question to the Council.

    Nevertheless I have according to my former Letter enquired into the Sentiments of others upon this Measure: and I find it to be the Opinion of all the principal Officers of the Crown & Government that the Removal of the Troops at this time would probably have very dangerous Consequences, & that I could not answer it to the King to have any hand in it. I also understand that the Report of this Intention has caused a great Alarm among those who consider themselves obnoxious to the popular Party, the Number of which is greatly increased by the Inclusion of all those who have imported Goods contrary to the Combination. This Report has also given great Encouragement to the popular Party, which among the lowest of them has been carried so far as to produce Threats against some of the Officers of the Crown, as they have gone thro the Streets. Upon a full Consideration of these Circumstances I cannot think it proper for me to concern myself in the Removal of the 2 remaining Regiments or any Part thereof.

    Col Robertson has put into my hands the Accounts of the Expenditures for providing Barracks & other Necessaries for the Troops in this Town.1 The Assembly has hitherto done no Business: they insisted upon the Troops being removed out of the Town of Boston Before they entered upon Business. I have therefore removed the Assembly to Cambridge[:]2 it is now said that they will do no Business till the Troops are removed out of the Province;3 if that is the Case, Nothing will be done. If they proceed to Business, I will lay these Accounts before them. But I do not expect that they will discharge any Part thereof, not even such Part thereof as relates to the Parliamentary Allowances only.

    I have the Honor &c.

    Genl Gage.

    L, LbC     BP, 7: 226-228.

    In handwriting of Thomas Bernard. Gage extracted the first and second paragraphs in a copy for Hillsborough, sent under cover of a letter 22 Jul. 1769, CO 5/87, ff 124-128, and filed at CO 5/87, ff 130-132.