696 | To William Dalrymple

    Roxbury Oct 2 1768


    Upon my Return from Boston in the Afternoon of this day I received your letter dated at Boston the same day1 wherein you acquaint me with the Want of quarters & other accommodations for all the troops under your Command and say you fear the public Service will be retarded by my absence.

    When I assigned the manufactory house for Barracks for the Troops as far as it would go[,]2 It was all that I could possibly do for providing barracks, & as it will be generally said, probably more than I had a right to do. When that was done the billeting the troops did not in the first Instance belong to me; and you must know that I exerted the utmost influence I had over the Council to prevent there being any occasion for resorting to billeting.

    I also sent an Order to the Sheriff and afterwards gave him verbal instructions to attend the Destination of the Troops and provide Carriages &c, which I understand, he has done to the full Satisfaction.

    When I went to town this morning to attend the Service at the King’s Cha^p^pel I learned that you had been put to Difficulties in providing a temporary Shelter for your men and I, of my own accord, inclosed in a Letter to you3 an order to the doorkeeper of the Courthouse4 to open that building and all the spare rooms in it for the accommodation of the Men untill they could be encamped and quartered.

    In regard to the accommodations required by law, I ordered a Council to be summoned to meet on Monday next,5 which was the earliest time I could appoint. And I shall at such Meeting lay your Requisition before th[em?]6 and do the best I can get it fully complied with.

    After having ever since your Arrival given my whole time and attention to the particular Business of accommodating your Troops, and having in no^one^ Instance that I know of, neglected any one thing that belonged to me, I shall be sorry to be really chargeable with the publick Service being retarded by my Neglect.

    I am &c

    Lt Col Dalrymple

    L, LbC     BP, 7: 209-211.

    In handwriting of clerk no. 9. Minor emendations not shown.