762 | To John Pownall



    Boston April 8 1769

    Dear Sir

    The Cover of this incloses a duplicate of a former Letter which went in the ^a^ Packet sent to New York for the Mail.1 I have not inclosed another of the printed Papers, as there will be two of them [to] go with this in a Cover to Lord Hillsborough.2 The Boston Gazette is marked with the initial Letters of the Person who had it from the Printer.3 I keep another of the same by me.

    It is most apparent this Paper [that?]4 comes out of the Mint of the Boston Gazette, notwithstanding it was at first printed at Providence. A Partisan of the Boston Gazette was boasting the other Day of the Correspondence with & Influence over the rest of the Printers in America which the Printers of the Boston Gazette had acquired; and added that they often furnished the other Printers with original Papers, when it was thought best they should make their first Appearance at a Distance from Boston. But without this Testimony the Papers themselves frequently show that the Copies came from Hence; as in the present Case.

    In this Gazette are two Pieces of Mr T marked with black Lead: the first is the Abuse of an unknown Writer on the Side of Parliament, the Govr, Judge Auchmuty or Judge Sewall & Mr Paxton; the other is at the Governor only.5 His Writings are distinguishable by Pertness, Personality & Malice;6 He is also generally so unfortunate as to fling in some Peculiarity which necessarily points him out as the Author: as in the present Case, there is not among all the reputed Writers in the Boston Gazette a single Person who can be supposed to talk so familiarly of Kitty Fisher7 & Haddocks8 Bagnio but himself; unless it is his Brother Fenton,9 and that is the same.

    We have just received the Account of the Parliaments Censure of Wilks;10 which encourages the Friends of Government to assure themselves that the same firmness will be exerted in vindicating the Honor of Government in America. It is now reported that the House of Commons has among other Things resolved that the Constitution of this Government should be altered: but it is not authentic enough to be depended upon as yet.

    I am &c

    J Pownall Esq

    dupL, LbC     BP, 7: 266-267.

    Minor emendations omitted. In handwriting of Thomas Bernard. The RC (not found) enclosed a duplicate of No. 758 and an annotated copy of the Boston Gazette, 27 Mar. 1768.