The platform.

The setting forth of a publike confession of ye

faith of churches hath a double end, & both

tending to Edificaton 1st the maintenance of

the Faith, Intire in each church whin it selfe.

2ly the holding forth of unity & Harmony wh

othr churches. Our churches here as by the

grace of Cht we beleeve & professe the same

doctrine of the Truth of the Gospell wch

generally is recd in all ye Reformed churches

of cht in Europe; so especially we desyre

not to vary from ye doctrine of Faith & truth

hold forth, by ye churches of or native countrey.

For though it be not one native countrey that

can breed us all of one mynd, nor ought we

to have ye glorious Faith of or Lord Jesus wth

respect of psons: yet as Paul who was himself

a Jew desired to hold forth ye doctrine of

Justification by Faith, according as to he knew his godly

countreymen did, who were Jewes by nature

(Gal. 2.15, 16): so we, who are or selves by nature

Englishmen do desire to hold forth the same

doctrine of Religion (especially in Fundamentalls)

wch we see & know to be held forth by them,

according to ye Truth of ye Gospell.

The more we discerne, (that wch we do and

have cause to do, wh incessant mourning & trembling)

the unkind & unbrotherly an unchtian contentions

of or godly Brethren & countreymen in matters

of church govrnmt; ye more earnestly do we desyre

to see them joined together in one common Faith