and the equity thereof, as also the rule of common reason(a).

moreover the Scripture doth not only call Elders labourers

& workmen(b), but also speaking of them doth say, that

ye labourer is worthy of his hire(c) and requireth that

he wch is taught in the word should communicate to

him that taught him in all good things(d), and mentio=

meth it as an ordinance of ye lord that they wch preach

the gospel should live of ye gosepll(e) & forbidde &

ye muzzleing(f) of the mouth of the oxe that treadeth

out the corne.  (a) 1 Cor.9.9-15.  (b) math.9.38.  (c) math 10.10

I Tim.5:18.  )d) Gal.6.6.  (e) 1 Cor. 9.14.  (f) 1 Tim.5.18.


  The Scriptures alledged requiring his maintenance

as abounden duty, & due debt, & not as matter of

Almes or free gift; Therefore people are not at liberty

to do or not ^to do, what & when they please in his

matter, no more then in any other commanded duty &

ordinances of the Lord, but ought of duty to minister[r]

of their carnall things(a) to them that labour amongst

them in the word & doctrine, as well as they ought

to pay any other workmen their wages, or to dischardge

& satisfy= their other debts, or to submit themselves to

observe any other ordinance of ye Lord. (a) Rom.15.27

1 Cor.9.11.


  The Aple enjoyning Gal.6.6. that he wch is taught do

communicate to him that teacheth in all good things,

doth not leave it Arbitrary, what, or how much a

man shall give, or in what proporcion, but even

this latter as well as ye former is prscribed and

appointed by ye Lord.


  not only members of churches, but all that are

taught in the word are to contribute unto him

that teacheth in all good things Ga..6.6.  1 Cor.9.14

In case that congregacions are defective in their