for the trying of them that professe themselves to be

beleevers. [struck through] The officers are

chardged wth ye keeping of the dores of ye church;

& therefore are in a speciall maner to make tryall

of the fitnesse of such who enter in. Twelve Angells

are sett at ye gates of New Jersualem(c) in like

maner as porters were sett at ye gates of the

Temple(d) that none that were Ceremonially

uncleane should enter thereinto. (a) Act.8.37.

(b) Rev.2.2  (c) Rev.21.12.  (d) 2 Chron.23.19.


  The things that are requisite to be found in all

church members are Repentance from Sinne, and Faith

in Jesus cht; & therefore those are the things whereof

men are to be examined at their Admission into

ye church, & wch then they must professe & hold

forth, in such sort as may satisfye rationall charity

that the things are there indeed. John baptist admitted

men to Baptisme confessing & bewailing their sins(a),

& of others it is sayed that thay came & confessed &

shewed their deeds(b).  (a) math.3.6.  (b) Act.19.18.


  The weakest measure of Faith is to be accepted in those

that desyre to be admitted into the church(a), because

weake chtians if sincere, have the substance of that Faith &

Repentance, and Holinesse, wch is required in church-member[s]

And such have most need of the ordinances for their

confirmation and growth in grace. The Lord Jesus would

not quench the smoaking flaxe, nor breake the bruised

reed(b), but gather the tender lambs in his armes, and

[struck through] carry them gently in his bosome(c) Such charity

& tendernesse is to be used, as that the weakest chtian

if sincere may not be excluded, nor discouraged. Severity

of Examinacion is to be avoided. (a) Rom.14.1.  (b) math.12.20

(c) Isai.40.11.


  In case any through excessive feare or other infirmity are