but also to be ordayned by Imposition of hands & prayer,

wth wch at the ordination of  Elders fasting is to be

joined. Act.14.3. & 14 23. & 6.6. 1 Tim.5.22.


  This ordination we account nothing els but the Solem[n]

putting of a man into his place & office in ye chu[rch]

whereunto he had right before by Eleccion(a), being l[ike]

the installing of a magistrate in the commonwealth

(a) Numb.8.10. Act.6.5,6. & 13.2,3.          Ordination th[ere]

fore is not to go before but to follow Eleccion. [struck through]


  The Essence and Substance of the outward calling o[f]

[struck through] ordinary officer in ye church doth

consist in his ordination, but in his voluntary and

free Eleccion by ye church, and in his accepting of

that Elecion, whereupon is founded ye Relacion

betweene Pastor and Flocke, betweene such a

minister, and such a people. XXXXXXXXXXX


  Ordination doth not constitute an officer, nor g[ive]

him the Essentials of his office; For ye Aples were

Elders wthout Imposition of hands by men: Paul [&]

barnabas were officers wthout that Imposition of

hands Act.13.3. The posterity of Levi were Preists

and Levites before hands were laid on them by ye

children of Israel.


  In such churches where there are Elders, Imposition

of hands in ordinacion is to be pfourmed by those

Elders: 1 Tim.4.14. Act.13.3. 1 Tim.5.22.


  In such churches where there are no Elders, Imposition of

hands may be pfourmed by some of the brethren orderly

chosen by ye church thereunto;(a). For if people ma[y]