given by cht for the pfecting of the saints, & edifying

of this body(a), wch saints & body of cht is his

church, Therefore we account Pastors & Teachers

to be both of them church officers; and not the

Pastor for ye church and the Teacher only for

ye Schooles: Though this we gladly acknowledge

that Schooles are both lawfull, pfitable and

necessary for the training up of such in good

literature or learning(b), as may afterwards be

called forth unto the office of Pastor or Teacher

in the church. (a) Eph.4.11,12. (b) 1 Sam.10.12 & 19.20.

1 King.2.3,15.

     ¶ Chap. 7. of Ruling Elders & deacons.


  The Ruling Elders office is to distinct(a) from ye office

of Pastor & Teacher. The Ruling Elders are not

so called to exclude Pastors & Teachers from Ruling,

because ruling & governing is common to these wth

the other, whereas attending to teach & preach the

word is peculiar to the former. (a) Rom.12.7,8,9.

1 Tim.5.17.  1 Cor.12.28.


  The Ruling Elders work is to joyne wth the Pastor

& Teacher in those acts of Spiritt Rule, wch are distinct

from the ministery of ye word(a) & sacraments committed

to them; of wch sort these be: First, to open and

shut the dores of gods house by the Admission(b)

of members approoved by ye church; by ordina=

tion(c) of officers chosen by ye church; by excommu=

nication(d) of notorious and obstinate offenders, renounce=

ced by ye church, and by restoring(e) of penitents