may be duly pceeded agt by ye church, to whom his matter

doth appertayne.

¶      Chapt. 15th of the communion of churches

          one wth another.


  Although churches be distinct, ptcular and therefore may

not be confounded one wth another; & Equall, & therefore

may have not dominion one over another, yet all

churches ought to preserve church communion one wth

another, because they are all united unto cht, not

only as a Mysticall, but as a Politicall head, whence

is derived a communion suteable thereunto.


  The communion of churches is exercised sundry ways. 1

by way of mutuall care in taking thought one for

anothers welfare(a)   2ly way of consultacion one wth

another, when we have occasion to require the counsell

and judgemt of other churches: touching any pson or cause,

wherewth they may be better acquainted then or selves. As

the church of Antioch consulted wth the Apostles & Elders of

the church at Jerusalem, about the question of the Circumcision

of the Gentiles, and about the false Teachers that broached

that doctrine(b) In wch case when any church wanteth

light or peace amongst themselves, it is a way of commu=

nion of churches (according to the word) to meet togeather

by their Elders and other messengers in a Synod, to

consider and argue(c) the points in doubt or difference,

and having found out the way of truth & peace, to

commend the same by their letters(d) & messengers to

the churches, whom the same may concerne. But

if a church be rent wth divisions amongst themselves, or

lye under any other open Scandall, & yet refuse to consult

wth other churches; for healing & remooving of ye same, It

is a matter of just offence both to ye Lord Jesus & to other