maintenance of congregationall churches, further then

they be furnished wh psonall estates, and be both able

& willing to contribute of themselves. God accepteth

not robbery for a sacrifice.

But why do we stand to plead exemptions from

Exceptions? The Lord helpe all his faithfull servants

(whether Presbyteriall or Congregationall) to judge

& shame orselves before ye Lord, for all or former

complyance to greater Enormityes in church govmt,

then are to be found either in the Congregational

or Presbyteriall way. And then surely either ye Lord

will cleare up his own way to us, to frame [&]

to subdue ^us all to one mynd Ezek 43.10; or els wee

shall learne to beare one anothers burdens in the spirit

of meeknesse. It will then doubtlesse be farre from

us to attest the discipline of Cht, & to detest the

disciples of Cht: so to contend for ye seamelesse

coate of Cht as to crucifye the living members of

cht; so to divide or selves for church-govmt, as through

or breaches to open a wide gap for a deluge

of Antichtian malignity to swallow up both church

and Civill state. What shall we say more? Has

the Lord indeed left us so such hardnesse of

heart that church govmt shall become a snare to

us, as sometimes moses was to Egypt Exod. 10

that we can not leave contesting and conten

ding about it, till ye Kingdome be destroyed?

Is it indeed of God according to

knowledge, for one nation to take ^up armes agt

another, for the propagation of church discipline? [?]

doth any Covent of God, (subordinate to the

everlasting covent of grace) [?] us to