first Christian church was gathred out of the Jewish o[cut off]

church, and out of many Synagogues in that church

and consisted partly of the Inhabitants of Jerusa

lem, partly of the Galileans, who though they

kept some communion in some parts of publique

worship with the Temple; yet neither did they

frequent the Sacrifices, nor repayre to the

Sanhedrim for the determininge of their ch[ief]

causes, but kept intire and Constant communion

with the Apostles=church in all the ordinances

of the Gospell Act: 2:42  And for the first

Christian Church of the Gentiles at Antioch it

appeareth to have bin gathered, and constituted

partly of dispersed Brethren of the church of Je

rusalem, where of some were men of Cyprus [&]

Cyrene, & partly of the believing Gentiles Act 1[1]


But wt if there were no Expresse example of such

a thinge extant in the Scriptures, that which

we are wont to answer the Antipedobatists must

suffice here, It is enough, if any evidence there

of may be gathred from just Consequence of

Scripture light. Doctor Ames his judgment for

ought we know passeth with out exception

which he gave in answer to the Second question

chapter 24 of his 4th booke of Conscience

“ num: 16: If any, saith he, wronged with unjust vexa

“ tion, or pvidinge for his owne edification, or in

“ testimonie against sin, depart from a church

“ where some evils are tolerated, and ioyne himself