contribucions, the deacons are to call upon them to do

their duty; If their call sufficeth not, the church by

her power is to require it of for members. And

where church power through the corrupcion of men

doth not or can not attayne the end, the Ma=

gistrate is to see that ye Ministery be duly pvided

for, as appeares from the commanded example of

Nehemiah(a). The magistrates are nursing fathers

& nursing mothers(b) and stand charged wth

ye Custody of both tables. And because it is

better to prevent a Scandall that it may not

come, & easier also, then to remoove it when

it is given, its most suteable to rule that by ye

churches care each man should know his pro=

porcion according to ye rule, what he should do,

before he do it; that so his judgemt & heart may

be satisfyed in what he doth, & just offence

prevented in what is done.  (a) Neh. 13.10.11  (b)


     ¶ Chapt. 12 of the Admission of members

          into ye church.


  The dores of ye churches of cht upon earth do

not by gods appointment stand so wide open

that all sorts of people good ^or & bad may freely

enter thereinto at their pleasure; But such as are

admitted thereinto as members ought to be exami=

ned & tried first, whethr thay be fit & meete to

be recd into church=society, or not The Eunuch

of Aethiopia before his admission was examined

by Phillip whether he did beleeve on Jesus Cht wth

all his heart(a). The Angell of ye church at Ephesus

is commended for trying such as sayed they were

Aples & were not(b). And there is ye like reason