& orselves wth them. For this end having purused the

publike confession of Faith agreed upon by the

Revrend assembly of divines at Westminster, and

finding ye sume and substance thereof in matter

of doctrine to expresse not their owne Judgemts

only, but ors also; and being likewise called upon

by or godly magistrates to draw up a confession

of yt Faith of wch is constantly taught & generally

pfessed amongst us, we thought good to psent unto

them, and wth them to or churches, & wth them to

all ye churches of Cht abroad, or pfessed and

hearty assent and Attestation to ye whole confession

of the Faith (for Substance of doctrine word for

word), wch ye Revrend Assembly psented to ye Religious

and Honble Parliamt of England, excepting only for

sections in ye 25th, 30th, & 31th chapters of their

confession, wch concerne points of Controversye in

church discipline, touching wch we reserve orsevles

to ye draught of church discipline in ye Ensuing

Treatise. The trueth of what we here declare

may appeare by the unanimous vote of ye Synod

2     of ye Elders & messengers of or churches, assembled

at Cambridge ye last of ye 6th month 1648, wch

“ jointly passed in these words, “This Synod having

“ perused and considered wh much gladnesse of heart

“ and thankfulnesse to God ye confession of Faith

“ published of late by ye Revrend Assembly in

“ England, so judge it to be very holy, orthodoxe

“ judicious in all matters of Faith, & yrfore

“ freely and fully consent thereunto for ye substance

“ thereof: only in those things wch have respect [to]

“ church govnmt, and discipline, we refer or selves