A 6th way of church communion is, in case of need to minister

reliefe and succour, one unto another, either of able members

to furnish them wth officers, or of outward support to the

necessityes of poorer churches, as did the churches of the

gentiles contribute liberally to the poore Saints at Jerusalem.


  When a company of beleevers purpose to gather into church=

fellowship, it is requisite for their safer proceeding, and the

maintayning of the communion of churches, that they signifye

their intent to the neighbor churches, walking according

to the order of the Gospell, and desyre their presence and

help, and right hand of fellowshippe, wch they ought readily to

give unto them, when there is no just cause of excepting

agt their pceedings.


  Besides these severall ways of communicacion there is also

a way of propagacion of churches. When a church shall

grow too numerous, so as all the congregacion can not heare

the voice of their ministers, ‘tis a way and fit season to pro=

pagate one church out of another, by sending for the such of

their members as are willing to remoove, and to excuse

some such officers to them, as may enter wth them into church=

state amongst themselves. As Bees when the hyve is too

full issue forth by swarmes, and are gathered into other hyves,

so the churches of cht may do the same upon the like necessity,

and therein hold forth to them the right hand of fellowshippe,

both in their gathering into a church, and in the ordinacion

of their officers.

     ¶ Chapt. 16. of Synods.


  Synods orderly assembled & rightly pceeding according to

the patterne Act.15. We acknowledge as the ordinance of

cht; and though not absolutely necessary to the being, yet

many tymes though the iniquity of men & perversenesse of

tymes necessary to the welbeing of churches, for the establishmt