members of such a church as lyeth under publike offence, do

not consent to the offence of the church, but in due sort

beare witnesse agt it, they are still to be recd to wonted

communion: For it is not equall that the innocent should

suffer wth the offensive.          Yea furthermore, if such innocent

members after due wayting in the use of all good meanes

for the healing of the offence of their owne church, shall at

last (wth the allowance of the counsell of other neighbor=

churches) wthdraw from the fellowship of their owne church,

and offer themselves to the fellowship of another, we judge

it lawfull for the other church to receive them (being

otherwise fit) as if they had bene orderly dismissed to them

from their owne church. (a) Gal.2.11 to 14.


  A 4th way of communion of churches is by way of

pticipacion. The members of one church occasionally comming

to another, we willingly admit them to ptake wth us at

the Lords table, it being the Seale of or communion, not

only wth cht, nor onely wth the members of or owne

church, but also wth all the churches of the Saints. In wch

regard we refuse not to baptise their children presented

to us, if either their owne minister be absent; or such a

fruit of holy fellowship be desired wth us. In like case

such churches as are furnished wth more ministers then

one do willingly affoard one of their owne ministers to

supply the place of an absent or sicke minister of another

church, for a needful season.


  A 5th way of church communion is by way of Recommendacion,

when a member of our church hath occasion to reside in

another church, if but for a season, we commend him to their

watch full fellowshipp by Lers of Recommendacion. But if he

be called to settle his abode there, we comitt him according

to his desire to the fellowshippe of their covenant by Lers

of dismission.