“ to the plat-forme of church discipline aggreed upon

“ by this present Assembly and do therefore [crossed out] think

“ it meete that this confession of fayth should be com=

“ mended to the churches of christ amongst us, and to

“ the honoured Court as worthy of theire due consi

“ deration and acceptance.

Now by this our pfessed Consent and free concur

rence with them in all the doctrinalls of reli

gion, wee hope it may appeare to the world, that

as we are a people of the same nation with ym,

so we are professors of the same common faith, &

fellow heires of the same common salvation. How

beit we may not conceale, that in passinge

our consent to the Doctrine of Vocation delive

red in there 10th chapter, some dispute their

grew amongst us, whither the habit of faith,

together with habituall Sanctification were gi=

ven in Vocation: But upon debate we saw that

the wisdome of  Christ in the Assembly at West

minster had directed them to declare there Judg

ments so Cauteiously and safely, that all of

us discerned, wee might freely consent therein

referringe each one to himselfe the liberty of

his owne Interpretation:

Moreoever as our profession of the same faith wth

them will exempt us, even in their judgments

from Suspition of heresy, so wee Insist it may

exempt us in like sort from Suspition of Schisme

[crossed out], that ^though [crossed out] we are forced to dissent from

them, in matters of church discipline yet

our dissent is not taken as out of Arro=